The Best Piece of Advice for 2018

yellow balloon

The best piece of advice is often the most simple.

And we tend to forget it rather quickly when life-work-play come knocking at the door.

By advice, we don’t mean the you-should-do-this variety that forces you to nod but deep down you can’t wait to run out of the room and make the opposite choice (which might be a good thing). Nothing to do with good intentions either. The good intentions that leave you feeling like…you can’t handle the problem. This does always very little to help you learn and grow.

The best advice is the one that triggers new thinking and leads to novel solutions. You know the kind of thinking that gets you worried about what people think. The suggestion you shout out in meetings only to watch the room go quiet, people look up to the ceiling, roll their eyes and return to the discussion… The impractical, too adventurous or just plain silly ideas. The wild thoughts that lead you to a difficult yet fun and exciting path. The path that enriches the life of others as well as your own. 

This is the advice Andy and I return to again and again: BLOW-MY-MIND. It makes you want to create spontaneously. It breaks from the routine of repeating the same logical steps over and over again. You become that rocket that launches you well past the next level and into another orbit.

Give it a try and whatever you do will be creative.

There is a wide range of balloons out there for every occasion.

Age balloons. Anniversary balloons. Get well balloons. Why not advice balloons for any occasion?

And there is no better way to attract attention, make a big impression or dress a large room than with a giant yellow balloon.


This is for anyone who’s stuck at the edge or stopped just a little bit short but most probably yourself. Just a few steps further and you could make something incredible.

We can give you the unsolicited advice to fill it with confettis, blow it up and deliver it in a big box but nah! You’re creative, you will figure out what to do.

Whatever it is that you do, always keep it as part of your large greatest hits memorabilia collection.

Frame & Display

Blow My Mind yellow giant balloon is now available in the gift shop.


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