Our Values

taking care of business

We want our craft to leave people better than how it found them, including you. We know that enlightening others starts with enlightening oneself. That is how good we want to be, and so the products we sell are the products we use on the day-to-day basis. We have a strong work ethic and value purpose over profits, always striving to solve problems and create products with meaningful outcomes.

Success and Sustainability

We believe both walk hand in hand. If our products constitute real conversation starters and indispensable tools, each carries a message more powerful than ever: being bold and doing great also mean having responsible values. We're dedicated to leaving a minimal trace on our environment and a maximum trace on the world.

Great design and quality

We make products that people want to use and keep because they are made from the experience of the creators and the dreams of their owners. We regularly strive to offer premium quality and eye catching products loaded with fun, creativity, and tailored to the unique taste of every creative.

Minimal design for maximal impact

We amplify what matters most by opting for quality over quantity. We don't spam; we keep only the essentials in our messages. Our designs are minimalist, straight to the point and carry a simple message: take a chance, believe in the dream, and live life on your terms.

Think Big , think different

Our goal is to connect the purpose and intention of our brand to an outward expression of kick-ass positivity and determination through our quality products. We can only think of one way to get the most out of a bastet &bee product and wear a bastet&bee tee to a T-LIVE IT! By taking you in a bold direction we will get you not only noticed but long remembered.

off-the-wall community

We're not just a brand or a label. We want to form relationships, not just quotas. We're a community, working to bond like-minded creatives together through optimism, passion and shared creative vision.

Focus something big is coming

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