Introducing Infinite Patterns.

Here we take brainstorming to a whole new level.

With the iterations in CONNECTION and WALLPAPER, Bastet & Bee wish to introduce the concept of a repeatable design.

One possible way to use the CONNECTION page is to stack the ideas on top of each other. As this model tends to be slightly more linear, we have a vertically repeating motif.

Ideas and paper are often compared to planted seeds in a fertile soil, so here with WALLPAPER, we take the repeating motif to the next level.

With the seeds being a more organic, mind map approach, we make the repeating nature apply to all directions. This allows the brainstorm to grow in unexpected direction.

It takes a lot of ideas to find the right one. All you need is a big wall to get a little crazy.

The Bastet & Bee A5 Deskpad was the perfect pick-me-up! I have really enjoyed scribbling down future blog ideas in the little circles. Sakina, Andrew, and Petite Luluah have hit a home run with this collection.

– Melanie Davis, US Blogger | Melanie at Home (read the full review here)

CONNECTION & WALLPAPER notepads are now available in our e-shop and on Etsy


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