d-bloc18 reinvents the classic notepad

Meet d-bloc18. A unique collection of bright and bold graphic notepads.

Bastet & Bee reimagine the traditional page of the classic notepad and create unique graphic compositions to stimulate creativity. The page is no longer this wall that blocks ideas but a real playground that helps them run in all directions.

The brand takes its inspiration from mind mapping, a technique normally used to channel thoughts, capture ideas and generate new ones without the constraints of linear note-taking.

With a yellow circle as the starting point for a thought or desire, the notepad comes handy to jot down ideas as they come without worrying about order and structure. It is always possible to come back and easy to make connections. Ideas are no longer limited in space and time!

The possible uses are also unlimited. Whether it is to find inspiration, create, plan, organize, study, memorize, clarify your ideas or let your thoughts wander, these notepads will always be useful. One can even, if needed, collect and develop their ideas on the back of the page.

And because we are all the same with ideas rolling around in our heads and all different because we do not have the same way to take notes, the brand offers notebooks that can be used everywhere, for everything, in portrait or landscape mode and is equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed people.

In French we like to see them as “blocks that unblock” – des blocs qui débloquent.

d-bloc18 is now available on Etsy and soon in our e-shop and stores.

For wholesale, please contact handshake@bastetandbee.com and for other general enquiries bonjour@bastetandbee.com


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