Hello 2018. Better Nouveau Than Never!

Hello 2018. So Glad you’re here!

The new year means it’s time to take stock of who, what, where we are and what kind of growth we hope to achieve in the months to come. While a new idea can be seen as too adventurous, or impractical, or just plain silly, or all of the above, it can’t be judged. It just needs to be brought into being.

Our mantra for 2017 was “keep it simple”. For 2018 it is “keep it uncomfortable”. Often we settle at the edge. We stop just a little bit short. Just a few steps further, and we could have that big stuff we-had-no-idea-we-wanted. Andy and I had many ideas for 2017. We had as many excuses and doubts too. We still do. But we are grateful for all we accomplished, the places it’s taken us to and the great peeps we met along the way. Thank you for your support and trust.

What it takes.

As different as we all may be, we all hope for similar things. And there’s nothing more precious than the feeling that we truly matter – that we contribute unique value and that we’re recognised for it. We all have great people in our lives and as 2018 comes on us, why not send notes out to them, celebrating who they are, what they do and how much you’ve quietly learned from them?

Because that’s the real secret to creating the world you want to see in 2018. You start by seeing the good all around you and before long everyone chimes in. Positive energy is contagious. And guess who will be getting it all back?

We came up with three creepy gifts that you can pin or hang on anything to help you get started. Creepy because well…they’re a little bolder than a double tap. Have you ever tried giving a compliment and watch the person become nervous or frightened? It’s not uncommon for “I like your style. Let’s meet again!” to be interpreted as “If I follow you home, will you keep me?”. And that’s OKAY. Creepy doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It’s just that nobody is really fluent in the language of positive emotions…offline.

A compliment is still a compliment. Don’t believe me? Check  daily odd compliments by Logan Rhoades. They still have that magic to lift you up, boost your confidence and add fuel to your fire, right?

So if words don’t come easily and you’re more comfortable using emojis online, here are two alternatives to compliment people, live and in the flesh.

Pin in on a card

It says it all. And really you could pin it on anything you want.

Say more with #pinitonacard


Say It with Balloons

There are hundreds of ways you can use balloons to get your point across. You can also keep it simple by having one handy in your pocket to blow it up at anytime and make someone’s day. You’re creative. You will figure out what to do.

red balloon

This is raw material. You can make it whatever you want it to be. Something you can’t really do online.


We sincerely hope the new year brings you the extra encouragement you need to take a couple of steps further from the edge, everyday. We hope it brings that for us too.


Saki & Andy


Liked Pin and Balloons are now available in the gift shop. It it’ll help you get started…




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