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Our primary purpose is pretty simple – to provide the tools to bring a little focus for your impractical, too adventurous or just plain silly ideas, wild thoughts and maybe one or two projects that will get you noticed. in other words, all the stuff that truly matters to you.

In 2017 we set out to create a planner that doesn’t put our lives on the straight and narrow.  We wanted a tool, a buddy to be by our side on a daily basis that worked with our unique, highly visual, between the margins, erratic lifestyles. Something that helps us keep an eye on all the big stuff in our lives that can get overwhelmed by the day to day small stuff.

Bastet & Bee’s mission is to champion the search we’re all on together about what happens when you ignore what you’re “supposed to do” and follow your creative gut

We work on a variety of tools and products to keep a PMA (positive mental attitude) and a laser eye on the prize in a an age where attention is more tricky to mange than time. We would like to feel good about life and laugh at ourselves through a daily visual boost of humour, motivation and insight.

dig deep, think big, live bold

About us

Our efforts are brought to you in the form of notebooks as well as t-shirts and gifts that make perfect visual reminders.

We make uniquely designed, eco-friendly, premium quality stationary, apparel and gifts that you can be proud to own and share.

Success and sustainability walk hand in hand.  We use 100% traceable organic cotton t-shirts and eco-friendly notebooks.

It’s not enough.

Because being sustainable on its own is not enough, we are dedicated to creating timeless design and always delivering the best possible quality.

a good idea.

What is a good idea?

One that happens is.

If it doesn’t, it isn’t.

#thebigstuffproject is about good ideas. Got an idea that gets you all giddy? We’ve got your planner to write it all down and get to work.

The Big Stuff Planner is  now available to pre-order for you, your family & friends, commute buddies and cranky co-workers. Hurry before they run out!

Get your copy now and live bold!

big thanks.

The Gang -

Go Media Inc, Smack Bang Designs, Else Solicitors, Virtual Law, LC Media, Stanley & Stella, Brandbook, Agus Pramana, George Mayer and Alexander Chaus.

the hive -

The Big Stuff Planner 2017 was a good idea. Thank you for your support.

Focus something big is coming

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